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Our Mission

Transitions Charitable Fund is a non-profit organization formed to assist individuals suffering with the disease of addiction secure treatment and aftercare that would not be able to do so otherwise. The main objective of TCF is to assist parents in recovery in the hopes that further damage to the family can be avoided. With the help of TCF, many parents have received help with their addiction and the ability to be a supportive, loving, and sober parent for their children.



I don't even have the words to begin to thank Transitions Charitable Fund for saving my life.  In the past I have gone in and out of treatment for years never being able to afford to stay long enough to really get the  skills I need to deal with my addiction.  TCF gave me the chance I had never had before.  I was able to spend the time in treatment and sober living that I so desperately needed.  I had lost all my dignity and self respect and today I can say I am proud of who I am.  I know in my heart I would not be alive today if not for the help TCF gave to me.  I can't think of a more worthwhile charity as they not only saved my life but my parents got their son back and my children now have a father who can love them and be there for them as never before.  R. G.
As a mother it is heart wrenching to see your child struggle with addiction but not have the ability to get them the help they need.  TCF gave my daughter the chance to get real quality treatment that has helped her deal with the trauma from her past and finally be able to stay sober.  TCF was a gift from God. I urge anyone reading this to please make a donation of any amount as the work that TCF does is truly life saving.  I know in my heart that my daughter would not be alive today if TCF hadn't made it possible for her to get the help she needed so desperately.   Y.T.

To the Board of Transitions Charitable Fund:
I wish to extend my sincere thanks for your contribution to my life.  During the last year in which your foundation funded my stay, I have regained my life.     One of the lessons I have learned is the value of support and giving.    I truly value your gifts for they far surpass mere money but equate to a life of sobriety.
Over the last 12 years I have struggled with addiction boarding on the verge of death.    I have been through many rehabs and sober living establishments but never could reach a state of sobriety for more than a few months.     I feel for the first time in my life I can maintain a steady course.   This is due to first to my desire to be sober which I have had often in the past but never had the means to fully concentrate upon “being sober.”   This is the gift your foundation has extended to me and others.  
By having the means to live in a sober community  I was able to regain faith in myself, reunite with my family and to begin the process of dreaming of a new and better future.   Starting this journey at age 26 as a homeless and hopeless man, I now find myself connecting with a passion to assist others in recovering their life.    For those who read these brief words, I ask you to pay it forward by donating to this foundation.     To those who have contributed in the past and thus provided me with the opportunity to rejoin life, my sincere and heartfelt thanks!
Living Life with Dignity and Sobriety
H. K.




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